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© Calvin Thomas 2021


My name is Calvin Thomas and I am a cartoonist, animator and character designer currently based in London.

studied at The BRIT School for Performing Arts and Technology and Middlesex University. I also benefited from an afternoon a week, for 8 years, at the CPCT art club. 

In 2015, I was an intern for the Lionsgate Films design department. They extended my internship so I could animate an intro and outro for a screening event in Leicester Square. The cartoons were displayed in the IMAX theatre in the Empire Cinema and starred: the acting studio head, a phoenix and three Jennifer Lawrences.


In 2017, I was featured in an article by BuzzFeed about young British artists you should be paying attention to.


In 2019, I created a collection of YouTube videos with over 4 million views each.


I also now teach at my aforementioned art club and have also branched out to other art workshops And have several collaborative projects in the pipeline.